Getting started

How can you get started?

  1. Become a member by Creating a new account for yourself! 
  2. Once your account has been set up, you (or your chosen nominee) will receive notification, after which you can log in, change your password and then:
  3. Create your personal profile!
  4. Register services you Offer and Want. You can offer any service that is outside of your current occupation (unless you are prepared to compensate a taxable component with the IRD, if and when required).
  5. Search for services needed and offered by other members. Click on the “Offers" & "Wants” tabs.
  6. Give, receive, and repeat!
  7. Watch the Events box on the left for upcoming ways to meet other members of the community.
  8. Browse the Frequently Asked Questions section and feel free to contact the coordinator at any time with questions or concerns.
  9. Feel free to contact us via the 'Contact' link on the top right at any time with questions or concerns.


What if you do not use the Internet?

Also people of the community who do not use the internet are very welcome to join Community Shares Motueka! The coordinator adds you as a new member, upon your request by phone, or by referral from a friend. You are then encouraged to find a computer buddy (a neighbor or friend who can help you with your internet activities). Once you give or receive a service, your computer buddy records the hours or Talents for the exchange between you and the other member.


How it works

Offers and wants appear on our website. A member makes contact with another member to make an exchange. Members agree on its value, and make the exchange. Then, a member notes the exchange on this site, the other confirms and finally the exchange is recognized.

An annual fee of 2 Hours is charged (½ Hour quarterly) to cover the operating costs of the association. Within the system, you are allowed to go 5 Hours 'into the minus'. This means you have 7 Hours to start trading with!

You will also be allowed to spend Talents, even if you don't have a credit (yet), just to get you started.

In both cases, please make sure you also have some income. After all, it is an exchange system!

We endeveaour to link every month with a community organisation to help them with their working bees. There you can come along and meet other timebank users and start to earn Hours.

There is a general meeting every year, of which you will be timely notified.