Synergy Etheric Sprays


Submitted by Member 8884 on 17-Nov-2020

In Aotearoa we have Atua ~ They are the Unseen Ones who work in collaboration with us to sustain the natural rythumn of our Environment and Cosmic Resources. Their subtle vibration works with us in balance and align our Hingengaro (Mind), Ngakau (Heart), Wairua (Spirit) and Mauri (Life force) to our Divine Self.

Each Atua has a specific Vibration 

Hinetitama (Dawn Maiden) ~ Helps us in times of transition and brings unconditional love.

Rehua (Chief of the Stars) ~ Healer on all levels.

Rongomatane (Cultivated Foods) ~ Influences peace and calm. Turn negative thinking into positive vibes.

Tangaroa (Ocean) The Ebb & Flow. Draws out trauma to be seen and helps with emotional intelligence.

Urutengangana ~ (First Born Son) Personification of Light. Protects against low energies.


Expiring: 17 11 2021